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Friday, June 30th

Adventure Pack We headed to Settler's Park and the Red Rocks Trails for our hike this morning. After crossing over the bridge on our way up, we turned down to the stream. Rucksack, Mamacita, Colby, and Sputnik all got in the water and waded around for a minute, and then they all came back to dry land of their own accord. We continued on our way and a few hikers commented on what a nice pack they were; but one time, Mamacita growled and jumped at the man who said that right after he complimented her. I had her on a pretty short leash so she didn't get anywhere, and I immediately had her sit in place to shame her for her rude response. Variety Pack Thompson, Stella, Coco, and Colby enjoyed

Thursday, June 29th

Adventure Pack We headed to Gregory Canyon again today with no more bear sightings. The pack stayed calm and happy when each of several other dogs passed by us on the trails today. Coco lay down in the stream as she loves to do, while Griff, Cooper, and Sputnik just walked around in the ankle-deep water and drank a bit. Variety Pack Thompson, Isaac, and Colby were joined by Isaac's friends Ender and Ollie for a light hike on the Goat Trail just East of Sanitas this afternoon. The two friendly newbies got along very well with the pack upon first sniff. Ollie and Ender pulled a bit at the leash at first, but Ender fell into place alongside Colby pretty quickly. Ollie continued to try to g

Wednesday, June 28th

Adventure Pack Colby and Ruffers had a fun time running through the brush together during our hike this morning. Mamacita and Sputnik watched with intent interest and leapt at their packmates whenever their chase brought them near to us on the trail. Variety Pack Coco enjoyed playing fetch at the park this afternoon while Yoda spent most of his time sniffing around and Thompson lay in the shade and made friends with humans. Yoda made a couple playful moves around a Boxer but the Boxer didn't really react to him. I splashed Thompson with a bit of water to help him keep cool. I spent a while scratching his neck and shoulders, and he showed his approval by leaning hard into my hand.

Tuesday, June 27th

Adventure Pack We headed to Gregory Canyon again today and the dogs got to stop at the stream both on the way out and the way back. Coco and Griff also splashed around in the water down in the gully beside the trail when they were off leash together. I was pleasantly surprised with Cooper and Sputnik when they didn't react to a dog who came over and growled at us while we were making a pit stop by the water. Cooper wasn't as well mannered when we first parked and a little dog walked by the car; he was very stirred up and barked quite a bit, even when the dog was down the street and out of sight behind shrubs. Variety Pack A gentle breeze and the cloud cover made our walk along the Bear Cr

Monday, June 26th

Adventure Pack We headed back to the Baseline trail with a pit stop at the stream through the Gregory Canyon Trailhead this morning, with no bear sightings to report this time. Sputnik, Mamacita, Cooper, and Rucksack all got their paws wet and drank a little from the stream. It's nice to have more typical summer weather after the heat wave that hit last week, but the pack was still very happy to take a break in the water and shade. Variety Pack We walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Colby, Coco, and Yoda kept shuffling positions as we walked, with the outermost dog dropping back and then coming up next to me every couple minutes. When we stopped at the creek, Stella joined Coc

Friday, June 23rd

Adventure Pack Rucksack was happy to have Ruffers along for the hike this morning, as he returned to his habit of bathing her ears in licks after they roamed the trails together. A hiker asked to pet the pack and the dogs were all happy to oblige. Sputnik was the most enthusiastic, as usual, and I had to discourage him from jumping up while he was getting attention. Rucksack and Ruffers both went up with a little more poise. Mamacita was the last to approach and appreciated a chin scratch before we continued on our way. I kept everyone on leash when we got close to the area where we spotted a bear yesterday, but we didn't have an encounter today. Variety Pack We headed to the CU South C

Thursday, June 22nd

Adventure Pack The pack encountered a black bear on the Baseline Trail this morning shortly after heading out from the Chautauqua Trailhead. At first glance I thought it was a dog on the trail but then it stepped out into better view. It was downwind from us and the dogs were too busy sniffing around to notice as it turned and headed off along the trail in the opposite direction. Before it was gone, Griff caught sight of it and started to bark. Coco, Cooper, and Sputnik still didn't seem to catch on. The bear didn't react to Griff and kept walking away, and we headed off in the opposite direction, back where we came from. Variety Pack Ruby had her second outing with the pack today. We

Wednesday, June 21st

Adventure Pack We stopped by the stream at the base of the Saddle Rock Trail this morning, where Sputnik, Colby, Ruffers, and Mamacita all splashed around for a bit. Sputnik took particular interest in Colby today and gave her the ear-licking treatment for which his packmate Rucksack is known. Colby didn't mind the licking, but dodged away when, at one point, Sputnik laid a paw over her back. Mamacita and Ruffers hiked along at my other side, ignoring their flirting packmates. Variety Pack We had a new member join the pack for her first outing today: Ruby! After dealing with her initial territorial instincts at pickup, she was perfectly calm and friendly when greeting all of her packmate

Tuesday, June 20th

Adventure Pack It was very hot this morning so we made a stop at the stream that runs through the Gregory Canyon trailhead. Coco made the most of it by lying down in the water to get her belly wet. Sputnik and Cooper just stood in the water and drank a little, while Griff splashed through it as he sprinted up the trail and back several times, brimming with enthusiasm. Variety Pack The pack made a pit stop at the house, where Isaac, Ruffers, Colby, and Yoda all dodged around and play-bowed with each other, while Thompson did a thorough check of the house, guided by his nose. We then headed out for a walk along the Bear Creek Path. We had a bit of cloud cover for most of the walk, which ke

Monday, June 19th

Adventure Pack We encountered a pair of hikers on the trail this morning, who asked to pet the dogs. Sputnik and Mamacita went right up for some love. Cooper and Rucksack were a bit distracted by their desires to sniff around and to keep moving up the trail, respectively; but they each got a couple pats as well. Variety Pack The pack went for a light hike at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Brewster and Stella were a little bit slow, while their fellow old-timer Thompson was raring to go and eagerly pulled ahead on the leash. Coco, Yoda, and Colby all trotted along in pace with me, neither pulling ahead nor lingering behind. The cloudy skies kept it from feeling too hot while

Friday, June 16th

Adventure Pack Rucksack and Sputnik had some fun running around the trails together this morning. We passed by several friendly dogs with whom Rucksack and Mamacita sniffed hello as we lingered momentarily, while Sputnik and Isaac hung back at my opposite side. Variety Pack The pack enjoyed a walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon with some cloud cover to keep things feeling a bit cooler. After a few minutes of sniffing around and relieving themselves, everyone fell into a very steady rhythm for the walk. One passer-by on a bike said I made it look easy, but it was really Isaac, Thompson, Stella, Coco, Ruffers, and Colby who were making it look easy because of how in-sync they a

Thursday, June 15th

Adventure Pac Cooper was a bit distracted by the smells as we made our way up the mountain this morning - either that, or he was just using that as an excuse to make stops because he isn't built quite as lean as his packmates Sputnik, Coco, and Griff, and he was feeling lazy in the heat. Coco dragged her heels a bit today, too; although she didn't seem distracted like Cooper. Griff shows no hesitation to go for water from the CamelBak spout now, and Cooper has been growing a little more comfortable with it as well. Variety Pack We made a stop at the pond at the outset of our walk at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Roger Roger immediately made friends with another Doodle who was

Wednesday, June 14th

Adventure Pack Colby, Mamacita, and Sputnik had a nice hike this morning. We came across several other dogs along the way as well as a lot of people on the trails. Our encounters with passing dogs were mostly brief and friendly, but one very excitable and whiny pup got a short growl out of Sputnik. Colby was relatively calm today and didn't dodge around very much even when people passed us. Variety Pack There was some construction work being done at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon and a large portion was fenced off. The pack didn't take much notice, but we spent most of our time at the grassy, north end of the park to have a bit of distance from the work. Coco, Ruffers, Roger Roger,

Tuesday, June 13th

Adventure Pack The pack enjoyed hiking in the milder weather today, but they were still more than happy to take several water breaks along the way. Griff followed Coco around as they explored in the brush together, while Sputnik and Roger Roger hiked along at my side. Coco and Griff didn't wander off far, and nobody pulled much on leash today. Variety Pack Isaac played fetch at the park. Meanwhile, Ruffers made friends with dogs, Thompson made friends with humans, and Mamacita sniffed around and chewed on grass. Ruffers came over and played a bit of catch; she didn't make any attempt to compete with Isaac, but she had fun jumping up and catching the balls that I threw to her.

Monday, June 12th

Adventure Pack Tongues were flapping as we hiked at the Chautauqua this morning. Cooper showed less hesitation to drink from the CamelBak spout and Mamacita showed no hesitation at all today, as their thirsts won out. The boys all kept pulling off into the brush to sniff around frequently on our way up the mountain. Cooper was the most stubborn of the bunch, though Rucksack and Sputnik still made their share of attempts to sidetrack us. Mamacita, on the other hand, hiked right along in place like a proper lady. Variety Pack Thompson was on the same page as the boys this morning, and kept pulling over to the side of the Boulder Creek Path to sniff and rummage around in the bushes. Thomps

Friday, June 9th

Adventure Pack The pack hit the CU South Campus trails this morning and went straight to the pond for a dip before heading out on the trails. Sputnik, Mamacita, Rucksack, Coco, and Sanaya were all thrilled to hop into the water and splash around a bit. Rucksack and Sanaya lingered the longest but then caught up with the rest of us as we made our way up the trail. Sputnik was a little edgy around some of the dogs we passed today, but only grumbled a little to himself and didn't have any unpleasant outbursts. By the end of our hike the dogs were completely dry even though they splashed through the ditch as we made our way around the big loop. Variety Pack The pack had a mellow and pleasant

Thursday, June 8th

Adventure Pack There was a lot of panting from the pack this morning as we made our way along the trails at the Chautauqua. Cooper and Sputnik both wanted to make frequent stops to sniff and mark along the way. Coco and Griff both munched on a little bit of the tall grass a couple times as they waited for their packmates to take care of their business. Griff showed a passing interest in some critter up a tree, but he didn't get very worked up about it. I just looked over to see him staring up, and then he seemed to shrug as he walked back over to me. Variety Pack Isaac and Sanaya both hogged the water bowls as they dipped their tennis balls and their paws into the bowls in between rounds

Wednesday, June 7th

Adventure Pack Colby was on the more skittish side as we hiked the Chautauqua this morning. She skittered over to the side of the trail to let other hikers pass and kept spinning around to scope out hikers who were behind us. Then, about halfway through the hike, we came across a group of hikers who were sitting along the trail and who wanted to say hello to the dogs. Colby backed off at first while Sputnik went straight up to them to get some pats and love. Coco and Mamacita stood in the shade, showing total disinterest in the humans as they neither shied away nor expended any effort to approach. After Sputnik got some attention, Colby was emboldened to go up to one girl and let her gi

Tuesday, June 6th

Adventure Pack Griff and Coco had a fun time sniffing around in the brush as they hiked off leash together this morning. Whenever they found interesting spots near the trail and lingered there, I brought Sputnik over on leash so he could be part of the investigations as well. Variety Pack Ruffers found a chocolate Lab to play with as soon as we arrived at the park today. While she was having fun hopping and dodging around, Isaac was quick to find a tennis ball. Coco followed me closely and played fetch along with Isaac, going after the shorter throws as she usually does. Sanaya and Thompson wandered around, sniffing and greeting the other dogs at the park. Later on, Ruffers and Sanaya be

Monday, June 5th

Adventure Pack Mamacita took on the rolling-in-the-grass mantle in Coco's stead this morning while Colby sniffed at her, curiously. Later on, Colby and Sputnik had a fun time running around together off leash when we came across an empty stretch of trail. Storm cloud rolled past us as we made our way back down the trail and there was some distant thunder. Rucksack was not as upset by the rumbling as he had been last week, but he was a bit impatient when we stopped by the trash receptacles on our way back to the car. Variety Pack The storm clouds had passed by the time we headed out for our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Thompson and Cooper needed to make frequent stops