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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack We headed over to the CU South Campus trails this morning, where there are long enough sight lines for Sputnik to enjoy some time off leash. He and Ruffers raced through the brush together. When other dogs were approaching, I called Sputnik back to put him on a leash. The ditch was running high with water today. Mamacita hesitated to jump down into it because she had trouble judging the depth. She put a test paw down and then pulled back when she couldn't reach the bottom. After walking along the edge of the water, she found a safer spot to enter and then hopped into water that almost covered her back. Ruffers and Sputnik weren't so reluctant; in fact, Sputnik bounded i

Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack Griff and Coco had fun running along the trail together this morning. Sputnik and Cooper put their noses to work and left lots of scent marks along the way again. We came by a few other groups of dogs along the way. Griff and Coco went over and sniffed hello with them all while I hung back with Sputnik and Cooper, who were too whiny/grumbly to trust for a greeting. Variety Pack Ruffers had fun with a brindle-coated dog at the park this afternoon. Her friend also made a few playful moves with Mamacita. He tried to run with Isaac while Isaac was playing fetch, but Isaac didn't like how he was running into him, so he sent him off with a few stern growls that were muffled by

Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack We headed further up the Anemone Trail than usual since the cooler weather allowed for a more strenuous hike. We passed one little pup on our way up and I thought Sputnik was going to be calm but then he decided he needed to growl at the last moment when the little one was almost completely past us already. His little outburst gave a couple oncoming hikers pause and they stepped to the side of the trail to let us pass. Ironically, on the way back down, I had Mamacita, Ruffers, Colby, and Sputnik all sit at the side of the trail to give another hiker space on her way up and she commented that they were all so well behaved. Taking the initiative can really make a difference!

Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack Since Cooper sat out yesterday due to a shoulder that has been bothering him, we stuck to the Boulder Creek Path this morning where it's nice and level. The pack enjoyed a few stops in the Creek along the way. Sputnik served as lead investigator when it came to sniffing around, while Cooper followed up behind him to double check his work. Griff and Coco were only moved to check out their packmates' finds on a few occasions. Variety Pack Zoey was all fluffy, having come straight from the groomers. She quickly got to work undoing her new 'do by hopping straight into the kiddie pool as soon as we arrived at the park. Isaac soon followed. We came across one playful pup as we

Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack Ruffers joined Sputnik and Mamacita for our hike this morning. We made three stops at different points in the stream that runs through the Anemone/Red Rocks area - first, under the bridge on our way up Anemone; second, on the route towards Sanitas; third, on our way down from the Red Rocks. The dogs all lingered when I called them out to get on our way. I didn't blame them, given the heat. Variety Pack I wet Stella's belly with the water from the CamelBak a couple times again today since she doesn't like to drink from it the way her packmates do - not even when I try tucking it under her lip, which is what I do with some of our hesitant drinkers like Mamacita, Cooper, and R

Friday, July 21st

Adventure Pack Zoey, Sputnik, and Ruffers enjoyed splashing around in Boulder Creek after our hike up the Anemone and Red Rocks Trails this morning. They had already gotten into the stream around those trails a couple times during the hike but it there was a lot of panting going on, so we made another stop before finishing off with a light walk along the Boulder Creek Path. Variety Pack Colby, Stella, Zoey, Ruffers, and Coco walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Everyone except Stella was happy to take some water in the shade at a couple points along the way. Since Stella was turning away from drinking the water, I sprayed her belly and ears to help keep her cool.

Thursday, July 20th

Adventure Pack At one point during today's hike, Griff thought he detected something down in the gully beyond the stream where the pack was taking a break. He stared intently and growled low, and was soon joined by Sputnik. I didn't see anything, and Coco and Cooper weren't bothered, so we just moved on up the trail. When we came by on a switchback further up the mountain, Sputnik stared down in the same direction but I still couldn't figure out what had his attention. Variety Pack Ruffers, Zoey, and Isaac enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. There were storm clouds overhead and we caught a light sprinkle at the tail end of our walk. Along the way, we came a

Wednesday, July 19th

Adventure Pack The Anemone/Red Rocks Trails were empty when we first set out this morning. Colby raced around through the brush after the pack took their regular break at the stream on our way up the trail. Ruffers, Sputnik, and Mamacita all stuck to the trail and leapt at their packmate each time she came sprinting by. Later on, Colby got dodgy with the first person we encountered on the trail and then growled at him, so she went back on the leash for the remainder of our hike. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when Mamacita didn't react to the man at all even after Colby did. Sputnik and Ruffers were predictably pleasant, as well. For the last leg of our hike, Sputnik took to lick

Tuesday, July 18th

Adventure Pack The air was hot but storm clouds kept the sun off of us this morning, and the pack didn't care to linger in the stream for long when we stopped there on our way up the mountain. Cooper made slightly less frequent stops to leave scent marks along the way today, and Sputnik only joined in some of the time. Griff gave a single, sudden bark at Coco again when Coco started digging in the dirt during one of our water breaks in the shade. Then, the two of them sniffed at each other for a minute and Coco made a couple flirty moves. Variety Pack Ruffers and Zoey had fun racing around the Valmont Dog Park together this afternoon. After their initial play together, they both showed m

Monday, July 17th

Adventure pack We made frequent stops on our way up the Anemone Trail this afternoon as Cooper was in the mood to leave scent marks about every 100 yards. Sputnik often followed suit after Cooper marked a spot, while Rucksack and Mamacita sniffed at the opposite side of the trail as they waited for their packmates to take care of business. We took a break in the shade partway up the trail before heading back down for another dip in the stream. Variety Pack The pack headed to the Bear Creek Path this afternoon where the air off the Creek helped keep things a little bit cooler. We avoided actually getting in the water since it tends to have a pretty strong odor there. The dogs enjoyed lyin

Friday, July 14th

Adventure Pack We headed partway up the Anemone Trail this morning and then headed back down to the stream to cool off. The pack really made the most of the water as they waded up and down the stream for a long while before we hit the trails again. There were several other dogs out today whom Ruffers and Rucksack were happy to greet while Mamacita and Sputnik stuck by my side. Variety Pack Stella, Isaac, Colby, and Coco walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. During our first stop at the Creek, Isaac and Coco hopped right in while Colby and Stella stayed up on the steps that less down into the water. After some more walking in the heat, neither Stella nor Colby hesitated t

Thursday, July 13th

Adventure Pack We didn't head as far up the Anemone Trail this morning but instead made our way over to the Red Rocks Trails and took a few breaks by the stream. Griff has been getting more and more expressive and playful with his packmates as time goes by. When we were taking a break in the shade today, Coco started digging up a patch of dirt next to Griff. He woofed at her each time she started digging and then the two of them danced around each other a bit with playful poise. As we were hiking later on, Griff started bolting up and down and back and forth across the trail while Coco, Sputnik, and Cooper all leapt at him as he passed by. It's fun to see Griff letting loose more, altho

Wednesday, July 12th

Adventure Pack The relatively cool and overcast weather allowed us to hike up the Anemone Trail without having to turn back halfway. The pack was energetic the whole way up and then we took a break to enjoy the scenery and drink some water before making our way back down. Colby played scout on the descent as she kept running up ahead and then waiting for the rest of us to catch up, while Ruffers brought up the rear, with Sputnik and Mamacita on leash at my side. Sputnik gave Ruffers a lot of attention today. He licked her ears a bit and even laid a paw on her back a few times, which earned him a stern retort from the lady in question. He then began play-bowing in front of her in an atte

Tuesday, July 11th

Adventure Pack We moved a bit slower along the trails today due to the humidity along with the heat. None of the pack were in a hurry to get back hiking during our breaks at the water. Despite that, Griff mustered up the energy to bound along the trail to catch up whenever he fell behind to get his paws wet in a stream. Coco ran along with him a few times but not with as much bounce in her step. Cooper and Sputnik stayed on leash at my side. Sputnik made frequent stops to pee, while Cooper took his time on uphill stretches. Variety Pack Zoey and Isaac were on the same page today as they both played lots of fetch and made lots of trips to the kiddie pool to cool down. Zoey tends to lose

Monday, July 10th

Adventure Pack Everyone was eager to get into the stream on our way to the Anemone Trail this morning. After taking a dip, Sputnik, Rucksack, and Mamacita all started nibbling on some of the tall grass along the bank while Cooper stayed in the water as long as possible. When we reconnected with the stream further up the trail, it was Mamacita who took her time to soak while her packmates were waiting on the trail, ready to forge ahead. Variety Pack Stella kicked off the wiggles this afternoon at the tail end of our walk, just as we reached the grassy Elmer's Two Mile Park. Coco was quick to follow, while Colby stood between the two of them, unsure of how to react. When the two of them st

Friday, July 7th

Adventure pack The dogs are loving the deep-running stream at the trails by Settler's Park. Sputnik, Mamacita, and Rucksack all took their time to get nice and soaked, but Isaac lingered the longest and repeatedly lay down in the water to get as wet as possible. However, being wet wasn't enough for Isaac so when we took a break in the shade along the Anemone Trail a short while later, he took the opportunity to dig up some dirt and then roll around in the loosened soil. What a character. Rucksack was back to licking Mamacita's ears again today and he gave them a thorough tongue-bath while Mamacita trotted along without reaction. Variety Pack Colby was very excited to go out with the pack

Thursday, July 6th

Adventure Pack We headed up towards the Red Rocks and made our usual stop at the stream on our way. A little pup came up the trail behind us and joined Cooper and Coco in the water while Sputnik sat by me on the shore. We skipped the Anemone Trail and didn't go all the way up to the Red Rocks, but instead headed back down to the Boulder Creek Path and followed that for the remainder of our outing since the heat hit early today. Variety Pack Zoey had her second pack outing today and this time we headed to the Valmont Dog Park. There wasn't a whole lot of activity there today, but there was one playful chocolate Lab with whom both Ruffers and Zoey had some fun. The Lab was mostly intereste

Wednesday, July 5th

Adventure Pack Mamacita and Colby were eager to get to the stream on our way up to the Anemone Trail this morning. Sputnik happily joined them in the water when we reached it and we lingered there for a while before making our way up the mountain. We took a break at a shady spot off the trail before heading back toward the red rocks. We made another stop at the stream, where the pack all got in another good soak before going up the next mountain. The pups were all pretty tuckered out for our final descent and we made our way back through the park with onlookers commenting on how well behaved they all were. Variety Pack We had a new member join the pack this afternoon: Zoey! Zoey is a ve

Monday, July 3rd

Adventure Pack Colby joined Mamacita, Rucksack, and Sputnik on our hike from the Settler's Park trail head this morning. The dogs all enjoyed getting in the stream at two different points along the way. They were all eager to hop right in, but didn't linger in the water for very long. After lapping up a little water and wading around for a minute, they all collectively decided they were done and ready for more hiking so they hopped out as decisively as they had hopped in. Variety Pack Isaac and Clover made the most of the kiddie pool at the park this afternoon. They both flopped back and forth in the shallow water, making sure to get as thoroughly soaked as possible. Thompson also got i